Sunday, September 30, 2012

because I wasn't dumb enough last time


I said it was crazy to have two different kids in two different plays at two different theaters this fall.

So it's happened again - but this time it's two different kids in two different plays, in two different theaters, in two different TOWNS! Yeah - you heard right - I am officially an imbecile.

However, they both have been clamoring for more opportunities to perform and Rico and I said we would do ANYTHING in our power to help.  So here we are.

Punk will be featured as (among other things) "Blindfolded Chorus Boy" in the Arts Guild Theater priduction of White Christmas.

Kooka will be playing the role of Matilda (a featured singing role/schoolmate of Charlie's) in the Paradise theater's production of Willy Wonka.

Yoda will be playing the role of pissed-off toddler who never gets to sleep on time and eats chicken nuggets for a month and a half while being neglected by her older siblings.


Wednesday, September 19, 2012

interview with a two year old

Friday, September 14, 2012

what she said

I am not usually the biggest Hilary Clinton fan - but she is, quite possibily, the only person who's made any sense about things the past couple of days.  So now I am completely in the "yeah - what she said" camp.

In her remarks, Clinton repeated much of what she's said in the last two days. Namely that the Benghazi attack was carried out by a "small and savage group," and that the United States completely rejects what she called the "inflammable and despicable" anti-Muslim film circulating the Internet. However, Clinton pointed out all religions have faced insults and denigration, but that's no justification for violence. The response to such insults is what separates people of true faith from those who would use religion as an excuse to commit violent acts, she said.
"When Christians are subject to insults to their faith, and that certainly happens, we expect them not to resort to violence. When Hindus or Buddhists are subjected to insults to their faiths, and that also certainly happens, we expect them not to resort to violence," said Clinton. "The same goes for all faiths, including Islam."
She spoke movingly about her own personal beliefs as a way of re-enforcing her point.
"I so strongly believe that the great religions of the world are stronger than any insults. They have withstood offense for centuries," said Clinton."Refraining from violence, then, is not a sign of weakness in one's faith; it is absolutely the opposite, a sign that one's faith is unshakable."

Thursday, September 13, 2012

what i wish

I love that I get to create my own art every single day - but sometimes, I wish I had created somebody else's.
Right now, these are my favorites:

Sunday, September 9, 2012

back to reality

Kooka loves that her stage makeup won't come off easily

Kooka's show ended it's run last night, she spend four hours striking the set, putting away hats and costumes, cleaning dressing rooms, cleaning her face (or at least attempting to) and saying goodbye to her castmates at the after party.

Punk finished his run today, and spent most of it the same way.

So now it's back to reality.  Confirmation starts this week, so does dance, Over The Top class, Honor Choir, early morning band practice, piano lessons and Yoda's ECFE class.

I miss summer already.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

a little something for the groupies

Punk and Kooka are both opening on stage tonight.
Here are some shots from both dress rehearsals.
Two different plays.
Two different theaters.
Same subject material.
Funny that they both play sleazy pick up-artists.

But boy they look cute:

Wednesday, September 5, 2012


So Punk started 8th grade this week. Kooka started 5th.

No no no no no no no no no.

I hate how the years slip by.  I hate how the long days turn into short weeks, then shorter months, and before I know it the years have flown by in a nanosecond.

While I do realize that it is completely normal for children this age to go to school - I really wish they wouldn't.

It's not because I don't like the school system - I do. I truly believe that both Punk and Kooka are gathering terrific, life-long skills and a wonderful education. Punk is in the WEB program, which allows him to help mentor a group of 6th grade students throughout the entire year. Kooka is already working on her first thesis project. I like their teachers, love their friends, they both scored where I wanted them to on the standardized tests.  So WHAT IS MY PROBLEM?!

I just miss them - terribly.

Maybe more so this week than most.  Aside from school starting back up, they are both in separate plays, that coincidentally both open on Thursday.  We spend every night running between two different theaters, prepping two different hair and make-ups, with two different rehearsal schedules, and two different pick-up times.  Ironically, the shows are all at the exact same time, so I'm stuck in a bad episode of the Brady Bunch, trying to pick which kid I love best on opening night.