Friday, February 28, 2014


Aladdin wrapped up last week.

I love those kids - not just my two, but the kids my kids seem to enjoy as well -Aladdin, the carpet, the genie, the guard, the other narrators - the entire cast. They are good people.

We're not sure what the next few months will be like - lots of competitions and traveling for me, a new grand baby for Rico, spring showcase, summer road trip planning. It will be busy - but it probably won't look as cool as this.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

life is good

Life is crazy.

But in the best of ways.

Punk and Kooka are both adoring their roles in Aladdin. Punk as the evil mastermind Jafar, and Kooka as the ever-knowledgable, golden voiced "narrator number three." Here is rehearsal footage of Punk, and a picture of Kooka (her solos are one-liners and sporadic throughout the show - but awesome nonetheless).

Yoda is loving watching the show, attending "school" at ECFE, dance class and preschool yoga - where her favorite part is inhaling the lavender oil like it's essential-oil crack.

Rico is wrapping up J-term and preparing for spring semester.

I am busy on spring choreography and judging competitions most weekends (I am still waiting for my call to Orlando or Honolulu - but so far it's Fargo, Souix Falls, and a lone iceberg near Antarctica).