Sunday, January 23, 2011

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

expanding your horizons

Punk, upon being served a hamburger with a side of cottage cheese:  "What IS this?  No seriously - what is this? It looks like a snowman just barfed on my plate."

Apparently I need to expand his culinary horizons.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Allow me to channel my inner Rodney King for a moment.

Can't we all just get along?

We're all disgusted by the things that happened in Arizona this week. There is no excuse, no place to lay the blame except at the feet of the shooter.  And the "mentally unstable" excuse really doesn't fly as far as I'm concerned, because "unstable" sort of goes without saying, and it doesn't pardon the actions.

What is really eating me up are the terrible things I've been reading on blogs, facebook posts, and editorials.  Things like, "People are picketing that little girls funeral - we should gun them down.  Sarah Palin made a map with crosshairs on it - wish she was in the crosshairs of my semi-automatic.  This is Obama's fault and everyone knows it."

No - it's not his fault. It's not Sarah Palin's fault. And threatening to gun down more people isn't going to make things right. 

I consider myself an independent - fiscally conservative, socially liberal - not that it matters, but I have a tendency to straddle both sides, and could fiercely debate my stance on any topic I am passionate about - but I can do it with respect for someone else's opinion.  I don't need to call anyone else "uneducated" or "heartless" or "tree hugger" or "capitalist pig" to state my case.

Why does everyone feel the need to do that?

I know it is true, because back in the day I used to be a political consultant. I used to campaign for both sides - knock on doors, make phone calls, engage in informative discussions.  And 15 years ago, I could hand someone a pamphlet on a democratic candidate, and people would ask what the guy stood for - they wouldn't slam the door in my face.  I could make a phone call about a republican senator and have a democrat ask intelligent questions, and walk away from the conversation satisfied with the answers, instead of threatening to paintball my house.

It's out of hand.

Just last month I commented on a facebook post, something about how someone has misquoted a line from a political book.  Having read a large portion of the book, I found the statement to be unfair, and my basic comment was "actually, you took that quote out of context, and maybe instead of of harping on each other, we should all just step up and try to do something positive to help the people we've elected to lead."

Holy hell fire and brimstone.

I got a facebook smackdown.


The number of people who could not deal with that statement was sickening.  And the one guy who agreed with me, had his butt handed to him as well.  I guess everybody loves freedom of speech until it clashes with their own opinion.

And if everyone truly believes that this is Obama's fault, or Sarah Palin's or even Jerry Springer's, all I can ask, is that for the memory of that little girl - watch your OWN mouth. Be kinder on your OWN blogs. Wipe the smirk off of your OWN face - because maybe it's YOU that could make the world better.  Maybe it's not always somebody else's fault.

Monday, January 10, 2011

woot woot

Yeah - I know I said I would post that picture that Punk drew for the kids voting contest.  And I would have - except I sort of forgot . . . until today, when Punk told us that he won second place in the whole state!  Two hundred schools, and Punk still ranked in the 6-8th grade division!  You can check it out here (punks poster) - we are pretty proud of him.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

two songs

I can't get either of them out of my head. 
I have Yoda to thank for one of them, and Sarah Palin for the other. . .
Just listen - I promise you'll have one of them stuck in your head all day (and it won't be the good one):


It's about that time again. 

I've barely scraped the pine needles out of my socks, when it's time to start thinking about Valentine's day. It's always something around here, and for Valentines day, it's mailboxes and the wall of love.

The mailboxes started a few years ago, when it was just the three of us - Punk and Kooka and me.  I bought three little tin mailboxes, and labeled one for each of us.  It was always such a sweet surprise to see the little flag on my mailbox raised, and find a little note or drawing tucked inside. 

Our second tradition began a few years prior - the wall of love.  We plaster one whole wall with foamie hearts and write love notes to each other throughout the month of February.  I save them every year. Some of y favorites are:  I love kooka's inventions,   I wish I could be with mom all of the time, I love how Punk treats animals like humans, I love momy's snuggels and kissis, I love how patient Punk and Kooka have been with me lately, I love Rico because he is tolerant.  I love that we spend the whole month loving each other - I can't wait to get started.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

train of thought

Punk's train of thought: (while watching "Live To Dance")  "Why don't they have a show called "So You Think You Can Draw? -   'No - wait Simon, don't look yet, I'm not finished . . . '  

You know then again - all the really good artists are dead . . . except for me of course."

Sunday, January 2, 2011

happy new year

Happy New Year!

2011 is going to be our year.  It has to be. It must be.
Because that's what we said LAST year, and aside from Yoda gracing us with her presence, absolutely nothing went the way we planned in 2010.

So this year, we've made a plan. Several plans actually.

Punk: to knock a few more states off the visited states list, visit Disney World, stay on the A-honor roll, and never have to go to school again (not sure how he'll accomplish the last two simultaneously.

Kooka: knock some more states off the list and earn $100. The latter of which she began promptly at 10 am New Year's Day, and has already begun filling in her flow chart.

Yoda: begin crawling, sleeping through the night, and finishing reading War and Peace.

Rico and I have several resolutions too - among the list are: finish the basement, make more date nights and also sleeping through the night.

Happy New Year everyone!