It's about that time again. 

I've barely scraped the pine needles out of my socks, when it's time to start thinking about Valentine's day. It's always something around here, and for Valentines day, it's mailboxes and the wall of love.

The mailboxes started a few years ago, when it was just the three of us - Punk and Kooka and me.  I bought three little tin mailboxes, and labeled one for each of us.  It was always such a sweet surprise to see the little flag on my mailbox raised, and find a little note or drawing tucked inside. 

Our second tradition began a few years prior - the wall of love.  We plaster one whole wall with foamie hearts and write love notes to each other throughout the month of February.  I save them every year. Some of y favorites are:  I love kooka's inventions,   I wish I could be with mom all of the time, I love how Punk treats animals like humans, I love momy's snuggels and kissis, I love how patient Punk and Kooka have been with me lately, I love Rico because he is tolerant.  I love that we spend the whole month loving each other - I can't wait to get started.


The Guptas said…
Love this idea!! Thanks.
Anonymous said…
We currently have a wall of love, too. Awesome idea! I'll have to take a picture of it for you. ~Sara