who we are

Me: Mostly a mom - but also a choreographer, music-lover, reader, dreamer, small-business owner, volunteer, Jackson-5 obsessed tea-drinker who wishes she was more organized, but has basically given up on that.  She also writes most of this blog.

Rico: Crazy-amazing dad, small business owner, college professor, who sometimes eats sweet potato chips in bed and argues with his wife about who the best Beatle is. He's always ready for a good adventure or a big cup of coffee.

Punk: Batman-loving, art obsessed, theater kid who's off to college - not to find himself, because he'll always be the sarcastic goofball who wears his heart on his sleeve, has seen every episode of Friends and drinks way too much Dr. Pepper. We think he went for the cafeteria pizza.

Kooka: Guitar playing, ballerina, singer, actress type who spends her down time in AP science classes and advanced math trying to figure out the physics of a perfect pirouette, the most succulent chocolate cake recipe, or the best way to lower our taxes.

Tiny: Smart and silly animal lover, who likes to draw, dance, make slime, and stay up late for family game night. She loves her dog more than candy, raises monarchs, catches toads, cleans the fishbowl, hand-feeds turtles, but will not go near an aphid - don't even ask.

Art creds:Punk