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Days turn to days

“If you’re walking beside me and you want to be friends, you should know I’m depending on you.So you gotta hang in there, ‘til the whole story ends, ‘Cuz we all have a little more homework to do.”
Everything reminds me of Alisa. In case you’re following our road trip, I apologize for the pause. In truth, we’ve been adhering to most of our schedule. Mostly because of the text we got from her husband Tom the morning after she died. It just said, “Celebrate Life.”
So we’ve tried, but honestly, everything brings tears.

College visits, where Kooka looks at music programs - programs she wouldn’t be looking at if not for Alisa.

Angel wings that Tiny finds near Broadway. The rock she left and the person who found it.

Broadway shows - how they set up the desk scene in Mean Girls exactly the same way we set them up for Thirteen the musical, the kids in School of Rock learning to play guitars and dance at microphones, and the little girl who didn’t speak until a really incredible music teacher gave her …

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