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Bobbing along

Life has been bobbing along. 

Kooka passed her drivers test, which is both a blessing and a curse. As the most active of our kids, her ability to get herself around town cuts Rico and I a much needed break. On the flip side, as the most active of our kids, those car rides were moments of connection for us, a chance to catch up, a time to reflect on what’s going on in her life, and I will miss that time tremendously. She’s also finishing up a role in Our Town, and still heading to weekly rehearsals in St. Paul for her upcoming holiday show.

Punk voted for the first time ever - which is pretty incredible for him. This is the kid who’s so laid back, he doesn’t even bother to vote when we’re deciding between the drive through Wendy’s or Taco Johns - how the hell he decided on a fifth district circuit court judge is beyond me. He did however, remember which senator helped his grandpa out in the VA, and no way was he was gonna let that favor go unrequited.

Tiny voted too, and she’s bossy. It’s…

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