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The sweetest bites

Hey blog, it’s been a while. 
There are really no excuses, and it’s not like we’re the New Yorker, but I feel the need to justify our absence. 
Mostly we’ve been gone because of this:

Kooka and I have just finished a run of Les Mis. Kooka as Cosette and me as the person who teaches people to march and fight, and dance in bars and walk like whores (Yaeh that’s an actual job - not one I ever thought I’d be teaching 15 year olds but I digress).

It’s been a beautiful, thoughtful experience, but exhausting, probably more so for Kooka than me. 

Aside from being an emotionally draining, extremely adult show, the role of Cosette required K to dig deep in her first lead role to develop bonds with both her “father” Jean ValJean and her “fiancĂ©” Marius. (The pair of them happened to be played by two wonderful, beautiful brothers from another town. Our whole family fell in love with these guys.) There were also death scenes, and battles, and moments of unspeakable tragedy and decisions nobody should h…

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