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who we’re meant to be

You know what’s great?
I didn’t ask for this picture. Clearly she’s happy about it. Clearly she knows what it means. I didn’t ask her to run across the museum exhibit with a huge smile on her face and point up to it. She just did.
And I think that’s why it’s going to be ok. Not just her. Not just me. Not just all of the unnamed people I know and love that will (or won’t) talk about their own mental health when they are good and ready. All of us. It will be OK for all of us.

The Science Museum of Minnesota has a new exhibit on mental health and it is incredible. INCREDIBLE. Want to know what schizophrenia feels like? Have a seat - there’s a booth for that. Want to know how difficult it is for somebody with autism to tune out the stimulus around them? Put on this headset and you’ll see it’s damn near impossible. Wondering how that kid with an eating disorder can possibly see herself as fat? Stand in front of the reality check mirror - you’ll probably surprise yourself. Shred your worri…

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