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Punk is back at college. We miss him like crazy. I mean yeah he stays up until three in the morning and eats all of the Doritos, but it's a small price to pay for the love and laughter he brings everywhere he goes. Having him home, meant a house full of friends, several trips to the movie theater and lots of late night snacks. He taught us to play One Night Werewolf and it was the most fun we'd had in months. We love that he loves school, but we're all having to adjust.

The girls are back at school too.
For Kooka this means a six am wake-up call, school until three, rehearsal for the Rock and Roll show until 5, work until seven dance until 9:30. Throw in her volunteer hours for National Honor Society, AP classes, homework, a little guitar, a boyfriend, and maybe four hours a of sleep a night - and we're lucky we see the kid at all. When we do it's incredible. She made dinner for us last night, and had her friends over for a sundae bar - i…

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