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This week has been a parenting roller coaster.
Let’s start with this: This is the car that Punk was a passenger in on Thursday. He was in Minneapolis, at a theater show with some friends. He called at 12:30 to tell us they were going out to eat. He called again at 12:37 with this news.
“We’re fine, everybody’s fine, completely fine, but we’ve been in an accident.” Experience has taught him to lead with the “fine” part and to follow up at  least twice more to make sure I can process the rest of what he’s saying. Everyone in his car was ok, one person in the other car was transported by ambulance for minor injuries, but they are ok too. There was no alcohol involved, not even distracted driving, just a construction area, and an unclear intersection. 12 inches less, no accident. 12 inches more, it wouldn't have been “fine”. 
He followed up with, “It’s probably your worst nightmare. The car is pretty bad, it could have been really bad.” It wasn’t my worst nightmare - but only because of t…

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