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The dark

We had a couple of rough years, and what sticks with us is how loved we felt, how blessed we were to be surrounded by good people. So that is where we shined our light, that is where we found our comfort. But that doesn't mean that we didn't see the dark.
January has been exceptionally cruel.  Our youngest tested positive for a possibly chronic autoimmune issue. We don't have all of the answers yet, but we have faith in our great doctors, and most important, my younger brother struggled with the same thing, and he's doing just fine now. We thought that was the cruel part - it's not.
A dear, dear dear friend has been diagnosed with something terrible. We are still reeling from the shock of it, but for now, we are just living by the mantra she shared with me a few years ago. It changed my life, and I won't let go of it now.
She said, "Things will be bad sometimes, things will be sad sometimes, and it's ok to visit those places, just don't live there."…

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