Friday, July 22, 2011

yoda's birthday song

It doesn't seem possible, but somehow it is . . .

Yoda celebrated her first birthday yesterday.  The festivities included a trip to the Children's Museum, coconut cupcakes, lunch at Mickey's Diner, a walk through St. Paul, a few presents, and a Happy Birthday serenade from the entire cast of 13 The Musical. (which coincidentally included both her big brother and her godsister)

More pictures are on the way, but for now, enjoy the best birthday serenade a one-year-old could hope for:

Thursday, July 14, 2011

punk's little league

Punk has never been a sports kind of guy.  He loves to play, loves gym class, but has never been into competitive sports. He swims like a fish, can ride a bike, took Karate, can hit a pitched ball, and could probably outrun a middle-aged dog if his life depended on it.  He likes to toss a frisbee,  is pretty agile with a Razor scooter, and knows all of the retro dance moves . . . so who cares if he's never been in little league - right?

Apparently lots of people do.

Lately it seems as though he's had to defend the fact that he doesn't play sports - not to kids - but to adults.  They're not entirely wrong - team activities are good for kids - good for everyone, but Punk has made his choice, and it seems to be a great one for him.

Punk's little league is theater.

I told him that he needed to take some activities this year, and asked what he'd like to do.  Without even waiting for the options, he said - "I think I'm a theater kid, and I really just want to continue with that.  It's my thing."  Not that this was a surprise - Punk has been acting since he was 18 months old - throwing blankets over his head and stumbling around like a drunken midget, trying to get a laugh out of his family. But this was the first time he really seemed to give it some thought and make a statement about it.

And I am totally down with it.  I don't think there is a single thing he'd learn from Pop Warner football, that he doesn't learn from theater:  Be on time; work as a team; respect your coaches, your teammates and your audience; pull your own weight; encourage each other; work hard; make sacrifices; do your best; have fun; wash your uniform; and don't smear your eyeliner.

I think he's got it all down - except for maybe the last part.

If you want to check him out in his latest venture - get your tickets here:

PUNK in 13 the MUSICAL 

Tuesday, July 5, 2011


If you don't have tickets yet - get some. The music is great, the entire cast is absolutely charming, and you will be appalled at the things Punk's mother lets him do onstage.

Sunday, July 3, 2011


It's been a weird week. And even though these things are coming at you completely out of context - there is really no good explanation for any of them:

•I heard my oldest child say to an adult - "I can be sexy for a lollipop.  I can do anything for a lollipop." And I let it go.

•My youngest child has become obsessed with this sparkly Olivia Newton John 1982 headband.  She hands it to me and cries until I put it on her head, then she army crawls from room to room, nodding her head to whatever Hall and Oates tune happens to pop up on Pandora.  It's like being stalked by miniature Solid Gold dancer - one who didn't actually make the cut.

•We went swimming at Katie's pool - which was not weird, except for the fact that nothing has changed in the past nine years.  Katie and I hung out in the shallow end with a baby, and Kooka attempted to drown herself by piling every possible flotation device on top of her head. 

• I bought eyeliner for my son. because his old one was the wrong color.

•The only song stuck in my head right now is 13. And oddly enough, I can still relate.