punk's little league

Punk has never been a sports kind of guy.  He loves to play, loves gym class, but has never been into competitive sports. He swims like a fish, can ride a bike, took Karate, can hit a pitched ball, and could probably outrun a middle-aged dog if his life depended on it.  He likes to toss a frisbee,  is pretty agile with a Razor scooter, and knows all of the retro dance moves . . . so who cares if he's never been in little league - right?

Apparently lots of people do.

Lately it seems as though he's had to defend the fact that he doesn't play sports - not to kids - but to adults.  They're not entirely wrong - team activities are good for kids - good for everyone, but Punk has made his choice, and it seems to be a great one for him.

Punk's little league is theater.

I told him that he needed to take some activities this year, and asked what he'd like to do.  Without even waiting for the options, he said - "I think I'm a theater kid, and I really just want to continue with that.  It's my thing."  Not that this was a surprise - Punk has been acting since he was 18 months old - throwing blankets over his head and stumbling around like a drunken midget, trying to get a laugh out of his family. But this was the first time he really seemed to give it some thought and make a statement about it.

And I am totally down with it.  I don't think there is a single thing he'd learn from Pop Warner football, that he doesn't learn from theater:  Be on time; work as a team; respect your coaches, your teammates and your audience; pull your own weight; encourage each other; work hard; make sacrifices; do your best; have fun; wash your uniform; and don't smear your eyeliner.

I think he's got it all down - except for maybe the last part.

If you want to check him out in his latest venture - get your tickets here:

PUNK in 13 the MUSICAL 


Treats said…
I, for one, am glad you're a theater guy and not a smelly, sweaty, not so bright jock who can't put on eyeliner. I hope to see 13 next weekend! Good luck this weekend!
j said…
Well, as I mentioned - the eyeliner part is still not under control. He came out of the makeup room last night looking like Clockwork Orange. We had to start all over.