happy new year

Happy New Year!

2011 is going to be our year.  It has to be. It must be.
Because that's what we said LAST year, and aside from Yoda gracing us with her presence, absolutely nothing went the way we planned in 2010.

So this year, we've made a plan. Several plans actually.

Punk: to knock a few more states off the visited states list, visit Disney World, stay on the A-honor roll, and never have to go to school again (not sure how he'll accomplish the last two simultaneously.

Kooka: knock some more states off the list and earn $100. The latter of which she began promptly at 10 am New Year's Day, and has already begun filling in her flow chart.

Yoda: begin crawling, sleeping through the night, and finishing reading War and Peace.

Rico and I have several resolutions too - among the list are: finish the basement, make more date nights and also sleeping through the night.

Happy New Year everyone!