awkward christmas conversations

Awkward conversation #1:

It's candlelight service on Christmas eve. Right behind us is a family with a baby girl just one month solder than Yoda.  The conversation goes like this:
Dad:  Wow.  That is a really cute baby.  How old is she?
Rico: 5 months. Yours is adorable too. How old is she?
Dad: 6 months. But, I mean yours is really cute.
Rico: Thanks.
Dad: No, I mean - she is just beautiful. Really - gorgeous. (turning to his own baby, perched in her mother's lap). Seriously - she's much cuter than you.

Awkward conversation #2:
Rico: I can't believe I ended up with somebody who was a bible camp counselor, when practically everyone I know went to jew camp.


Anonymous said…
Now, that's just weird.
j said…
that's what we thought.