middle child

  I have always admired my second child. All three of our kids are unique, wonderful, loved beyond measure, but there is something about the middle one - she is solid, dependable, works for what she wants, and never seems to give up.

Lately, she has decided that she wants to be a performer - a triple threat to be exact. She is aware with a maturity beyond her ten years, that she is not the only kid in the world who has ever wanted to be on stage and she is willing to work her 85-pound-tail off to get there.

Her schedule today went like this: 

6:00 wake up 
7:00 percussion/band practice
8:00-2:50 school
3:00-3:45 piano lesson
4:00 -5:00 vocal/dance class
5:00 -5:30 dance technique lesson
5:30-6:00 homework/dinner
6:30-9:30 theater rehearsal

She always manages to find time in between, to wrestle the dog, read a book to her little sister, listen to her brother's jokes, give Rico a playful punch or hug and kiss her mom. And what's more, her teacher says she is actually thriving in class - doing better than ever.

Kooka has amazed me the past few weeks.  Add to this schedule the fact that she kept busy campaigning for her favorite presidential candidate, going to church classes, doing her homework, and volunteering to help teach a class of younger dancers and spends every-other weekend in a different state, it's amazing that she hasn't dropped over from pure exhaustion. But she has never once said she does not want to go to any of her classes, never complained that she is tired, never said that anything was a waste of time - never - not once.

I am so proud of her. She knows that there might be a better actor out there - but she is going to practice until she can give her a run for her money. She knows that she's not the next Taylor Swift - YET. She doesn't have her splits flat yet, but not a day goes by that she isnt pushing herself a centimeter closer to the ground.  

I'm sure she'll change interests at some point, but with an attitude like this, she'll bea hard act to follow no matter what he decides to do.

This kid inspires me to do more, see more, try more, live more - and sleep hard.


Treats said…
She's always been an amazing kid in my mind. I just wish she'd slow down on growing up so fast!
j said…
I know! I keep thinking that pretty soon Yoda will be the same age that Kooka was when you first met her. Before I know it, there will be another 5 year-old tea party.
Treats said…
I can only hope so!