Rico and all five kids - just last weekend.

One of many visits to Pa.
Can this even be true? I haven't written since Thanksgiving?!  Sadly, it appears to be.

We've had a lot on the docket:

Holidays, broken knees, stomach flu, two plays, lots of teaching, moving the performing arts school to a bigger studio, my dad in and out of the hospital, grandma in and out of the hospital, all of Rico's kids in one place for a few days (here).  It's mostly good stuff - but busy stuff - here are a few photos of what you missed:

Yoda's first leotard (and releve' at the barre - I was over the moon happy)

Kooka as Matilda in Willy Wonka at the Paradise Theater

Punk and friends in White Christmas

One of Punk's Christmas gifts was an art desk makeover from Rico and I.  He desperately needed it - this is before.

This is after - to which he replied, "Thank you.  I don't even want to know where you put all of the crap that used to be on my desk. Seriously - I don't want to know - just - thank you!"


Treats said…
AWESOME photos. Beautiful family. Will you and Rico give my desk a makeover? No pictures of you, J. What's up with that?
j said…
Scrappy and I were busy manning the camera.