kooka turns 11

Yesterday it was this girls' birthday:

Of course now she is older, theoretically wiser, and a lot more spunky.

She and her besties (who all share the same birthday week) had a girls outing at MOA. There were  manicures, tiara's, fancy dinners, guys at kiosks trying to sell us $14 hair straighteners for $125.  There was a hotel, swimming pool, pink-slushy-girly drinks, and of course a homemade rock video.

Tonight it was back home for a homemade shrimp scampi dinner (complete with crusty french bread, plums, sparkling grape juice, and made-from-scratch vanilla bean snickerdoodle cake).

Tomorrow it is off to her former teacher's house for a formal dinner complete with tiaras, fancy up-dos, and dresses.

Next week is Punk. Let Mardi-Gras birthday week begin:


Treats said…
And to think one year I took Schroeder to Chuckie Cheese. You have one beautiful, kind and lucky girl.