So I'm teaching an open hip hop class tomorrow.  Its been a while since I've said, "Yeah whoever wants to walk in the door -come on in!"

There is usually some sort of syllabus, some age breakdown, some sense of "I'm probably better at this than you are - or you wouldn't be here."

But not now.  I am not scared - but I am old.

Tomorrow, I will spit out this choreography and some 11 year-old will kick my ass with moves I MADE UP.

I hope so. In the meantime, I keep watching stuff like this, and thinking - yeah, I can still do all of that.


Treats said…
Lotsa luck with that. I dance much better after a cocktail or two. You might want to try that.
rylini said…
Thanks for the vote of confidence Treats. Maybe you should bring some and sit and watch - that way we could both be entertained.