many faces of rico

After 40 years of a furry face (FORTY freaking years people), Rico finally decided to shave his beard and mustache.

One would think that after four decades of basically wearing a whisker mask, that he would appreciate the feeling of cool air on his bare skin, kisses on his cheeks, the fact that there aren't spare bits of salsa imbedded in his beard after dinner at Chipotle - but noooooooo, he immediately had shavers remorse.

In my attempt to help (because that is just the kind of wife I am), I offered to pencil in a few ideas with eyeliner.  Here is what we came up with - let us know if you have a favorite.


Melanie said…
Although I'd give him $5 to go as "Luigi" for a week the "Porn Star" one is my favorite. :)
j said…
I'll see your $5, and add another $10 if he turns it into Porn Star when he's done.