birthday week

Sometimes it seems like there is just no time to write, but if I'm going to make time, it should certainly be during birthday week.

We celebrated Kooka's birthday on the 5th, with a family dinner at Bucca's. She still had one day of school left, so we held off on inviting friends until the next day. We celebrated on Friday with a CLUE-inspired murder mystery party. Although I will not dedicate paragraphs to how much effort went into hand making invitations, writing out a murder mystery myself, creating blood stains on everything, hand-wrapping a pound of tiny potato chunks in bacon, or making sure that everyone had just the right costume - including a marijuana pipe, that we never intended to be a marijuana pipe and had to break apart just so it didn't look like I had gifted my 14 year old with his own ganja tool - I will continue to remind my eldest daughter of these things if she ever tries to crap out and buy a cake from the bakery on her own kid's birthday.

But it was quite awesome. Kooka was Miss Scarlet of course, Punk was bumbling Inspector Tweed, who led the guests through tasks, and kept the mystery building by randomly blurting out things that other people were trying to keep secret. Yoda was the completely adorable screaming maid, and Rico served as both a reporter from the London times, and a butler.  It looked something like this:

Punk on the other hand, had a a more low-key affair.  If you can count 5 guys, four pizzas, a hot tub, two liters of root beer, 36 cans of Dr. Pepper, 2 boxes of donuts, half a gallon of milk, chromcasting youtube videos, and playing "5 second rule" all night - low key.  We don't have any pictures of this.  That's a lie. We do have one, but it consists of three shirtless guys sitting at the dining room table eating donuts. It's looks like they're in a Turkish spa. I promised Punk I'd never publish it.  He'd spent the earlier part of the day volunteering to help some younger actors by playing Zazu in a children's production of the Lion King, so I'm surprised he was able to stay awake at all.

He did, however, enjoy his gift to Shrek the Musical and Smashburger the next day - which I really do have no pictures of.


Treats said…
You are an overachiever. Looks awesome....and exhausting. Happy Birthday N and K!