school already?????????

I wish I could say that I love back to school time, but I don't.  My kids leave for hours on end, Yoda keeps asking when they'll be home, we end up baking endless batches of M&M cookies, eating endless batches of M&M cookies, making multiple trips to the library, gluing feathers and googly eyes to construction paper, and having picnics in the living room just so we feel like we made something of our day.

So this year, we start homeschooling Yoda. My hope is that she'll be so enamored that she'll quit asking about "other school" and decide that this is the way to roll - because seriously, it sort of rocks.
Yoda's First Homeschool Art Project - a Jackson Pollack knock-off. Rico framed it and hung it in his office because (and I quote), "Let's face it J, she'll never do anything this nice again."
This is how Punk would spend his homeschool art time - but alas, he is 15, and homeschooling does not offer as many "hot girls to go out with" as a more traditional setting will allow.