punk's confirmation

So the oldest child is about to be confirmed. With this seems to go an awful lot of pomp and circumstance - optional of course -  but sort of - not really.

If you know me, or this kid, or any of our kids for that matter, you know that pomp and circumstance cannot possibly go smoothly. What confirmation pictures are supposed to look like:

How most of his actually look:

At least he's not the kid with the beagle ear stole -but still.  His confirmation project, or faith statement, is genuine. The kids were asked to put together anything at all - a drawing, painting, poem, diorama, whatever it was that conveyed what their faith means to them. Since he's a pretty spiritual person, we were eager to see what he came up with.His is 100% genuine, which means it is 100% completely Punk, therefore it doesn't cross the line, but it bends it - nearly breaks it - possibly even lifts the line up off of the ground and walks right under it, with his pinky still hanging on, barely touching. But wait for it - you'll have to watch until the very end to see where he's going with this:


Treats said…
awesome. brilliant. punk.