ScreamTown 2015

Punk says this is the most fun he's had on a shoot - ever.

Yoda says "Zombies are awesome. Plus I got to stay up really late."

Kooka says, "Why do I always miss this stuff?"

Steve the zombie says "Ahhhhggggggggrrrrrrrrhh!"

Punk in a commercial for SCREAMTOWN.


Treats said…
Brings me back to my high school horror movies - everything about this scares the hell out of me. Halloween is too scary for me.
Is it pathetic that your 5 year old is less afraid than I am?
j said…
Sort of pathetic. But she was less afraid than the actors too. She kept going into the blood forest and the corn maze, and even creepy-eyed Steve was like "WTH, I won't even go in there alone".