Halloween 2015

Halloween. It makes me a little crazy. I'm more of a Christmas/Valentines Day chick myself, but everybody else in this house is Halloween OBSESSED, so I roll with it. Twenty of Yoda's friends joined her at the studio for a Halloween party on the 30th. An hour later 20 of Kooka's honor choir singers landed at our house for another shindig. Punk hosted his on Halloween night with about 35 (not to mention the 300 or so trick-or-treaters at our door). 

Social anxiety - whatevs - gotta do what I gotta do.

Yoda and Scrappy went as Dorothy and Toto. Kooka went as a zombie bride - which was double excellent, because one of her good friends had the same plan. Punk and friends take the cake this year with their Scooby Squad ensemble. (You can check out the video above). Leah was Eyeore and Rico and I created a creepy clown duo - where he was FAR creepier than I was willing to go. Seriously, I work with kids - I have my limits.

Dorothy and Toto

How is it possible that she's prettier undead than I am alive?

We live in the best neighborhood for Halloween.