There is not much to say right now. Life seems to be barreling along, despite the fact that we aren't really ready for it.

It was less than a year ago that we were preparing for Rico's surgery. We are better - all of us, but we are not quite "back to normal" though the rest of the world seems to be. There are mobility issues, pain management issues, anxiety issues, therapy issues, - lots and lots of freaking issues. Nothing we can't handle, and yet, we are still not quite ready to jump back into the world full force. We need time to recoup, recover, brace ourselves for scans, therapy and getting used to life again.

It feels wrong.

It feels like we should be tackling life, running around paying back all of those kind things the world was doing for us, but the truth is - we're exhausted. I wish it weren't true, and I know it won't always be - but for now, it is what it is.


Treats said…
It seems like you should spend a month on an Island with a cook, maid, laundry lady/man, cabana boy, someone to fan you when you're hot and cover you with warm blankets when you're cold. Nothing but quiet and the sound of the waves gently rolling into the white sand beach.
Lisa McDermott said…
Okay, I'm really behind on blog posts, but have massive insomnia tonight so there you go. Anyway, don't worry about having it all together - the world doesn't either, no matter what it looks like. Okay, bad example. I don't have it all together, despite my easy breezy look - okay, another bad example. Let's just say hardly anybody has it all together and is in "paying it forward mode". And we hate that Polly Perfect anyway. Just be you.
j said…
Thanks guys - I'm going to try to worry less - and vacation more.