Peter Pan is growing up - and he's not too happy about it.  So to soften the blow, we took him and his sister along with 8 buddies to Brunswick Zone for pizza, laser tag and a few video games.

(Feel free to admire the cake - it only took me two days, half a bottle of cococnut extract, three pans, half a pound of fondant, 6 cups of sugar, and god knows how much coconut filling to make. Not that I'm keeping track or anything - A kid only turns eleven once - and this kid is soooooo worth it.)

Everybody had a great time.  Punk loved having his far-away friends come back to help him celebrate, and was so happy that buddies he made at both schools seemed to get along so well.  His favorite gift (by far) was the real-live venus fly-trap that his Rochester friends brought him. 

He had a sleepover at his dad's house afterward - where rumor has it, he stayed up until 4 am.  ( I am sure it had nothing to do with the six cups of sugar on top of that cake.)

 We celebrated his real birthday later that weekend - where he also received a trip to the Mall of America with his sister.

Now only a few more weeks until we celebrate another birthday . . . at least I don't have to make a cake for this one.


Anonymous said…
Happy Birthday, Punk! Awesome cake!