name game

If you read the earlier post about stroller shopping, you will know why I am reluctant to even ask for anyone's opinion on the subject.

Rico has had 8 months to consider this, and still isn't sure we have anything "just right."  And call me crazy, but I was just thinking how nice it would be if the child could actually have a name on her Kindergarten diploma - so I'm asking for input.

Anyhow - not that we totally trust our facebook friends to name our baby girl, but seeing as how I held a contest and wagered a fourth grader 20 bucks to help name my firstborn - I figured our youngest should have the same advantages in life.

I am not kidding when I tell you, that in our family discussions, the names Ichabod, Spot, and Mittens have been mentioned out loud.  This baby needs your help.


Anonymous said…
How come there is only one vote for "Treats"?!?
j said…
Don't worry - you're up to two now - and you're welcome.
Anonymous said…
My real vote would be for Terrin or Hallie, by the way.