I sometimes wonder if he knew what he was in for.

When he first showed up we lived in a small house on a side street, and it was a fairly quiet existence. Sure, we had a pet toad, and a parakeet - but for the most part life was pretty subdued. I dropped both kids off at school, headed to work, met him for a late lunch, picked up the kids, helped with homework, and we went about our business. 

But now he is not just a guy - now he is their Rico- and things are different.  Life has picked up.  Everyone has adjusted. There is no more parakeet, but there is always the toad, and a new goldfish.  There is drum practicing in the basement, half a dozen girls running up and down the stairs, a baby that needs to be fed (constantly).  There are bedtime stories, nightly walks, gymnastics classes, school programs,  and theater auditions. The whole family piles in the van to go to school, all 5 of us snuggle in bed, we fight over the last donut.  There are chores to do, lunches to pack, and much more laundry than anyone should ever have to fold.

Sometimes I wonder if he was expecting all of that.

He says he knew what he was in for.

I'm still not sure - but he is awfully good at it.


Anonymous said…
I think Rico seems pretty happy. He's got a sweet deal if you ask me.