I've been a bit behind on posting lately.

Here's why:

Sore throat for me.
Yoda does not sleep.
Kooka had the flu.
Lots of work coming up - which is good - but means even less sleep.
Date nights with Rico - which are more important than blogging.
Looking up art classes for Punk.
Planning a secret spring break trip - nobody knows where we're going except Rico and me. (Though I suspect Yoda may have overheard - let's hope she doesn't spill the beans.)


The Rapp's said…
Sounds like our house hold! Life sure keeps you busy. Fun a surprise trip?! I bet the kids will love it! Good luck with the sleep. I'm taking a nap every day while I still can. I remember the no sleep days. Only 12 more weeks and I'll be sharing your pain.
Treats said…
Your trips make me tired just looking at the itinerary. I hope you have some time for R & R on this one. I can't wait to hear where you're going.

I hope everyone in your casa is feeling better and that all the bugs are gone before break!