may 30th

It was a perfect day.

Although we legally did this a while ago, our wedding celebration was about as perfect as we could hope for - a small, intimate ceremony in the Japanese garden, followed by a pool party and barbecue at home.

It was humid and a little bit buggy, but Devin was there to give me away (probably would have booted me down the aisle if I'd given him the chance), Uncle Ken was there to perform the service, Kooka graced us with and acapella version of "Wherever The Trail May Lead", she and Leah baked two amazing wedding cakes, Punk put the finishing touches on the pool, Bob, Rachel and Alison took pictures (and Yoda)and so many of our friends and family showed up to help us celebrate.

We'll post more later, but for now - here are some of our favorite photos from the day . . . (thanks Bob) 

Uncle Ken leading the service

Devin's crew, Aunt Loretta, and Us . . .I don't even know what to say about this one.

Leah, Punk, Kooka and Yoda

Kooka reciting her vows.

Littlest flower girl


Treats said…
Beautiful. Wonderful. Lovely. Hopeful. Fun. Silly. Happy.

Happily Ever After.
Melanie said…
Congrats again. Sorry we couldn't make it to the party.
The Rapp's said…
Sorry I couldn't make it. You look beautiful! I wanted to let you know that I took your advise and changed my blog name.
hope all is well
Jamie Willow said…
oh how wonderful :) it looks like it was a perfect day! what a great memory and celebration!