We allow ourselves about 2 nights of junky TV a month.  Last week, it was Kooka and I snuggled on the couch, when we ran across an episode of Ghost Hunters.

The three guys and two mediums were exploring the Lizzie Borden house, at 2am.

I told Kooka we should turn the channel.  She begged me not to, and instead got me talking about the history of the place, and the trial, and before I knew it, 15 minutes had passed, and there was no way for me to take back what she'd already seen.

It was some scary-@$$ stuff.  Drawers moving, unearthly voices that were clearly screaming "Tell her about the girl."  "Lizzie did it." 

Nevermind that after Blairwitch, nobody believes any of this documentary style stuff anyway. Still, I told her it was time to shut this off.  It was NOT appropriate bedtime viewing.  What kind of mom lets her 9 year old watch this freak show this late at night? She rolled her eyes and assured me she was fine. (Punk on the other hand, took one look at the screen, looked disgusted at both of us, and bolted back upstairs).

So the show ends, Kooka goes into her dark room to sleep alone, calls out "goodnight mom."


I spent the entire night with a light on, holding Rico's hand and swearing there was somebody (or something) in my closet.

I TOLD her it was inappropriate bedtime viewing.


Treats said…
I would have been right on Punk's heels. No thanks!
Melanie said…
Ruby would have been with Kooka. Weird kids....
mbassett said…
Lol... So I suppose the fact that I went on a real ghost investigation wouldn't be something you'd be interested in?
j said…
No - the thing is I WOULD. I would just be peeing myself when I got back to an empty house.
mbassett said…
LoL. Don't worry. I wouldn't let them get you!