because I wasn't dumb enough last time


I said it was crazy to have two different kids in two different plays at two different theaters this fall.

So it's happened again - but this time it's two different kids in two different plays, in two different theaters, in two different TOWNS! Yeah - you heard right - I am officially an imbecile.

However, they both have been clamoring for more opportunities to perform and Rico and I said we would do ANYTHING in our power to help.  So here we are.

Punk will be featured as (among other things) "Blindfolded Chorus Boy" in the Arts Guild Theater priduction of White Christmas.

Kooka will be playing the role of Matilda (a featured singing role/schoolmate of Charlie's) in the Paradise theater's production of Willy Wonka.

Yoda will be playing the role of pissed-off toddler who never gets to sleep on time and eats chicken nuggets for a month and a half while being neglected by her older siblings.



Treats said…
Wait until they're teenagers...then you'll be REALLY stupid.