So Punk started 8th grade this week. Kooka started 5th.

No no no no no no no no no.

I hate how the years slip by.  I hate how the long days turn into short weeks, then shorter months, and before I know it the years have flown by in a nanosecond.

While I do realize that it is completely normal for children this age to go to school - I really wish they wouldn't.

It's not because I don't like the school system - I do. I truly believe that both Punk and Kooka are gathering terrific, life-long skills and a wonderful education. Punk is in the WEB program, which allows him to help mentor a group of 6th grade students throughout the entire year. Kooka is already working on her first thesis project. I like their teachers, love their friends, they both scored where I wanted them to on the standardized tests.  So WHAT IS MY PROBLEM?!

I just miss them - terribly.

Maybe more so this week than most.  Aside from school starting back up, they are both in separate plays, that coincidentally both open on Thursday.  We spend every night running between two different theaters, prepping two different hair and make-ups, with two different rehearsal schedules, and two different pick-up times.  Ironically, the shows are all at the exact same time, so I'm stuck in a bad episode of the Brady Bunch, trying to pick which kid I love best on opening night.


Treats said…
I feel your pain. I've never liked the start of school. Until, however, this year. They both are happy, excited to be where they are and are doing what they're supposed to be doing. That still leaves me with an empty nest that's too quiet. Being a Mama sometimes hurts.

Good luck splitting yourself down the middle Thursday :)