Tuesdays are killing me.

It's a 6:10 wake-up call so I can drop Kooka at band and be at the middle school by 7 to work choreography with Punk's Honor Choir class. And it's not like I can just show up in my pajamas drinking a mocha either.  I have to be ON - not just because I have to get these kids going, but because as Punk puts it, his "social status depends on if his mom is funny and makes class exciting."

No pressure there.
So if he can't get a date to junior prom, it's because I wasn't Jimmy Fallon enough at 7:00 am back when he was an eighth grader.

After ensuring Punk's place in the social strata of NMS, I run back home, pick up Yoda and take her to "school."  Of course it's not school in the real sense of the word.  It's not like I can leave her there, meet my friends at Caribou and return 90 minutes later, refreshed.  Hell no.  I take her to class - we paint, we dig in sand, we drink a LOT of pretend coffee (notice I still haven't gotten my mocha), we listen to story time and THEN we split up for about 40 minutes.  But it's not like I'm off the hook yet.  The parents split up, head to another room and have a group discussion on eating habits, or mysteries of the universe or some such thing that we'll never be able to solve in under an hour anyway. They might as well give me a page of algebra problems to solve - at least I could finish that (and drink a caramel latte at the same time)

After Yoda's "school", it's grocery shopping, then home for lunch, then naptime for Yoda and work time for me. Then it's off to teach - 3 hours, plus a private lesson.  Dinner happens around 7:30 - IF I don't have a meeting after class.

Usually Kooka and I curl up on the couch with dinner and Dance Moms (don't judge)  We're all team Chloe in this house - even the boys, so if Abby is nice to her, we can all take a shower and start to relax for the evening - if not, we spend a good ten minutes on the post-show wrap up before showers and bed.

By 9:30 there has still been no mocha - so why can't I fall asleep until 1:30?

I love Tuesdays - they are my favorite day of the week.
But they are killing me.