weekends at our place

So this is what we did on Saturday.  Me, Punk, Kooka, even Rico and Yoda were in the loop.  We spent the whole day at the studio with Broadway actors, Hollywood coaches, make-up people. Rico and Yoda delivered lunch, and ran teachers to and from the Orpheum in Minneapolis. It was a long, gloriously fun day.  It was the kind of event that makes me happy that I started this crazy business. The kids were wonderful, the teachers fabulous, and the day raced past before we knew it.

Punk was pretty excited when the actor from Broadway's Wicked chose him as one of the Broadway Bound performers.  (He did perform a rather rousing rendition of Telly from Matilda, at which point Kyle said,  "Wow, I just. I just don't even have any critique. That was just really good. Really good.")  Punk was thrilled.  It was extra cool that his BGFF Hannah was chosen too.

Here's a pic: