why i hate public school

Yeah I do.

It's not a popular statement, and my kids don't read this enough for me to worry, so I'll say it again.

I F-ING HATE public school.

Oh yeah - and that last sentence was fraught with about 37 less swearwords than I've actually used in the past 30 minutes.

Don't bother reminding me about the wonderful benefits public school provides - I know, I get it.

But I've also HAD IT UP TO HERE.

Here's why:

Juggling three kids schedules is hard enough right.  But no, it's not three kids' schedules.  It's three kids, two of whom have 9 teachers each, at least 3 co-cirricular advisors (not to mention extras that our family deems important, church, piano etc.)  By my estimation, I am now juggling approximately 37 people's schedules.  Oh yes I am.

One teacher says I must watch a 12 minute video tonight, or my kid will get an F on the assignment.

Another teacher says that if my kid is not dressed in black shirt, black pants, black belt, black tie, black socks, black shoes he won't get an A on his required performance.  Kid can't drive himself, and black oxfords don't exactly grow on trees in these parts, so that's another 4 hours out of my day. Hell, come spring I think I'm just springing for a black full-body tattoo.  Kid can go stark naked from here til senior year - he'll never outgrow it, and it's save me another 6 trips to Kohls, or the mall, or God-knows-where.

Another teacher requires another video be watched.  Said video cannot be watched on the brand new iPads the school provides - because guess what? . . . I-pads don't support flash!!!!! So that's another 20 minutes for me to stop my work, find this video online and let the kid watch it.

Between two kids there are four tests tomorrow.  Oh - but we can't study for them, because the study guide for it was handed out today, and it's not finished yet.  "Why," you ask?  I would be more than happy to explain.

Because there were three hours of after-school rehearsal today.  And after that, a performance.  We stayed for the entire thing instead of just leaving when our kid was done, because A) that would be rude and B) we were reminded at least three times by teachers that it would be rude.

Long story short - kid gets home at 10:30 has two tests to study for, two assignments due tomorrow, 6 pages of study guide to finish and then study.  Other child has four pages of homework, and an early wake-up call tomorrow.  Bear in mind, they've already been at school - at SCHOOL EVENTS since 7:45 AM!  For those of you not keeping up with the math  - that's 14 HOURS STRAIGHT.

Yes -let's recap:

They have been in school for nearly 14 hours.  They have three hours of homework left and about 30 minutes of it is supposedly stuff that I am required to finish.


Now - any ONE of these things would be ok.  I could even let two slide - but seriously?  Is there absolutely no dispensation for the fact that we have been at the school's beck and call for 14 hours and then we aren't even allowed to shower or sleep until 3 hours later?

Yeah yeah - school's great - you get out what you put in, blah, blah blah.
We have a great school.
We do.
Great teachers.
But seriously.
Something's got to give.

And it is probably my sanity.


Treats said…
Yup. Don't miss having kids in it at all. If I were starting over, I'm pretty sure I couldn't stomach the conventional school system. The hard part in our area is the extra-curricular arts/theater program is so great. I remember trying to find 28/34 black dress pants for a next day performance. Pretty much have to order those on line. Ugh. I feel your pain. I hope you bought pants 2" too long and just taped the seam at the bottom. That's what I'd do if I were doing it all over.

Hang in there.