Dance Attack Hits Orlando!

I know this is old - but it just occurred to me now that people comment on this.

Seeing as I am the grand finale in this piece, I thought I'd check them out.

"Galloping like a horse"

"Whoa - B!+¢# be trying' to walk on air."

"Girl at 3:30 does ballet better than he does."

I look like such an idiot, but it never gets old - I still cry tears of hysteria when I see it.

I also just realized that it's had over 1,400,000 hits on you tube. (Not counting the other links to the same video and the people who watched the show). The last ten of these are Yoda's - she can't get enough and is probably planning her own dance ninja attacks. She better just be grateful that she wasn't with me.  Those guys that ditched their girlfriends would be nothing compared to me catapulting my newborn into the bushes with camo-man.


Treats said…
I'm pretty sure 50 of those views are from me...relishing the panic in your eyes, the jump in your step, the total fear on your face. Priceless, my friend.
j said…
You and Nika both.