seven below

We think of moving - often and far away.  Especially on days like today when the temperature is below zero and dropping fast.

But for today, Yoda and I were able to try a little experiment that would be impossible if say, we'd followed my wimpy brother down to Sarasota.

After mixing up our own bubble mixture, we stood on the front porch and watched our soap bubbles turn solid before they hit the ground.  We could actually watch the frost patterns forming around them as they fell.  It was nearly impossible to blow a bubble, set down the solution, take off my gloves, turn on the iPhone and snap a picture before the bubble hit the ground, so these are the only pictures we have: one frozen bubble, and Yoda holding the shattered remains of one.

It's either awesome, or pathetic, depending on your frame of mind.  For now, we'll take what we can get.


Rapp family fun said…
I totally want to do this! Today is so cold but maybe I'll get all geared up and try it!
j said…
It was pretty sweet. We didn't have any bubble stuff so I mixed up some dish soap and water and mellow mix and it worked great.
Treats said…
Way to embrace the polar vortex from hell. :)