christmas 2014

Ahhh Christmas. We wait all year for it, an then it's gone in a blink. We enjoyed it too much to even take good pictures, but here are the highlights:

* Even at 98, Gram still cheats and opens presents before it's her turn. Punk is a close second.

* Yoda finally got inducted into the Magic Lollipop Hall of Fame.

* Homemade presents about - arm knit scarves from Kooka. Handmade blankets from Yoda. Caramels and peanut brittle made by mom and Kooks.

* Santa left footprints outside - even though there was no snow.

* Yoda tried to re-create Rico's best Christmas ever by gifting him with Rock-em-Sock-em-Robots.

* A day of volunteering on the 22nd. Everybody got a little perspective.