It was just yesterday that our good friend A, gave me this little nugget that I hope I remember forever.

She was talking about someone who had been at her show - a lady who had lost her daughter many years ago.  She was talking to another woman who had recently lost a child as well.  They did not know each other, but the older woman said to the younger, "I am going to tell you something. It is going to sound horrible, and it will be hard to hear. You may wonder how I can even say what I am going to say, but somebody said it to me when my daughter died, and it is the only advice I carry with me to this day . .  . don't dwell there. I think of her every day, I miss her, I am reminded of her constantly, but I don't dwell there."

Don't dwell there.

A looked at me and said, "Dwell. Live. Set up camp. We all choose where to do it. This woman chose to hold on to her daughter, but not live there."

Wow. I have been thinking about it for two days straight. It's all I can think about actually.

Don't dwell there.