i know nothing

It's true.

Homeschooling was going along just swimmingly. Yoda was interested, engaged, learning and everything was cool.

Well, not everything.

All of her friends had gone off to preschool - so there was nobody left for playdates, parties, lunch. She had no friends.
And lets be honest, that's what public school is all about.
It's true.
It's all about finding your peeps.

That's what I told the lady at the Montessori program we we enrolled Yoda last week. I said, "I don't get it, one day there were tons of kids her age, and the next day - poof - there were none. I just figured we'd do our thing and find her people next year."

And the Montessori lady said this - "That's a lovely theory, but not everybody knows how to do that."
"Do what?"
"Your thing. Not everybody can teach their child."




It's not like we're solving quadratic equations or balancing protons and electrons here. I mean, I know there's no official test for parenthood, but I assumed that most people can tell a penny from a quarter and point to Antarctica on a map.

Of course - that's not what she meant. Not that I can blame anybody for feeling completely confused about any of this.
For example:

At the Montessori school we don't have sharing time unless there is a very special event or natural item of interest.
At the Art School, we share every day to encourage public speaking skills.

At the Charter School, we call teachers by their first names, to promote trust and partnership with our instructors.
At the public school you get suspended for that.

At the Montessori school, we try not to talk to the kids too much, which encourages them to stay immersed in their work and help each other.
At the other preschool class, it's mom & me all the way, and we're supposed to spend every second engaged with our kids, playing, painting, building, whatever.

At the public school they test you every freaking year, because if you can't spell "house" by the third grade we may have some issues.
At the charter school, we eschew tests because hey - there are lots of ways to be smart, and dammit, that's what spell check is for.

I know nothing.
Nothing at all.
Except that every time I go to preschool I become the stupiderest person ever.