show me

The Show Me State.
I'll tell you what you can show me Missouri:

A summer day without menacing wall clouds following my van all day.
A restaurant without a smoking section (the half wall dividing your Denny's is pointless, we can smell it in the parking lot).
A highway without two-hour traffic delay.
A rest stop not swarming with gnats.
Something to do on the interstate. Seriously - anything. 
A van full of people who don't feel bitter about this place being the last leg of our trip.
A clean sidewalk.
A breeze - lord have pity, just a breeze without it turning into an F5 tornado.
Something to eat besides chain restaurants.

Show me a reason to love you Missouri.
Even a reason to like you.


Treats said…
I have no fond memories of time spent in Missouri (Misery). Hope you're safely home soon!