I think Iowa is trying to kill me.


We can't drive through that state without having to take cover from a tornado or a flash flood or an escaped serial killer. They're probably gonna run atom bomb tests near Mason City next year.

It's a wonder we got home alive.

In the meantime, Yoda is filling Instagram with two-year-old videos of dolphins, like we just stepped off of a Royal Carribean Cruise.

We never got farther than Nebraska.

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Treats said…
Okay....what happened in Iowa? Welcome home, BTW.
Lisa McDermott said…
You are hilarious. I recommend South Dakota next time - you'll only have to deal with temps in the 100s. Or go to Canada which is frankly awesome.
j said…
Well Treats - THIS time it was only a sever thunderstorm right in the middle of nowhere during semi-truck hour. Lightning was striking everything but our car, and I couldn't see more than ten feet in front of us, so we had to stop and get a hotel. On the way down it was two Amber Alerts, so we were frantically checking every car that drove past us. Last time it was a tornado touch down on the actual highway so we had to seek shelter in a rest stop. Good times Iowa.
j said…
We did think about Canada too Lisa, but thought we'd only get to mountains and cliffs in the allotted 5 hours, which are probably less handicapped accessible than we needed this go round. We're hoping next time!