first day

My kids looked like this on the first day of school:

 But it felt like this:

It's the last time Punk will stand in front of that door for a first day of school picture. The last time he'll be forced to read his mother's rules stuck to the back of the door - (a reminder to work hard, be kind and say thank you - I have no such delusions he'll be posting it in his dorm room). Even for Kooka there are only three more of these. I am grateful for our public school system, I really am, but I also secretly resent that school steals my kids from us, from each other. I am constantly reminding myself, that they are not "mine" they are their own people, who need to be part of the greater good.

School would be great if it ran from like 10-2 Monday through Thursdays, with optional extra curriculars from 2-3. Throw in confirmation on Wednesday, a dance class here and there, the occasional, Homecoming/Prom/Football game and I'd be set.

But for now, all I can hear is the tick, tick, tick of the clock. 

We better make this year a good one.


Treats said…
I hate the first day of school. I hate the last day of summer - and freedom. How DARE they take our babies away from us?