It's hard to see people you love hurt - for any reason, but for me, it's especially hard when it's preventable.

And by preventable, what I really mean is when people raise their kids to be douchebags.

I'm not talking about kids who make mistakes, or say something unkind because they just don't get the difference between sarcasm and cruel. I don't mean not holding the door for old ladies, or taking the last breadstick at the dinner table (though seriously  - seniority calls last breadstick). I'm not talking about the kind of mistakes we all make when we're trying to figure out life and relationships and our place in this world.

I'm talking about people who are purposely mean. People who like to see other people suffer for their own entertainment. Like when somebody tells your kid,
"Don't sit with us,"
"You realize you're the ugly friend in this scenario,"
Upon seeing someone conversing with a boy with some severe cognitive issues,  "Are you seriously talking to that retard?!"

All three happened to various kids this past week.

My short, pissed-off mom answers would be something horrible - something bitter - something about "How dare you?!" and "Actually this kid has been paid to model professionally, so clearly is not Frankenstein." and "Did you really just say that?! Seriously? (no seriously - that one is inexcusable)"

But my kids are not me (thank God) and keep their cool on the outside.  (Well, except for the last scenario, when said child actually turned around to say, "Shut the hell up" and continued the conversation with the new kid).

CLEARLY there are moments when a "Shut the hell up," is warranted,  but for real? Is it that hard to just be nice?

Sometimes I feel like I need to move to a commune. Not one where they grow their own kale, and have sunrise yoga and pedal bikes to create their own electricity - just one where people say "please" and "thank you" and share their good vibes - and their Cheetos.


Treats said…
Mean kids suck. I have to say many days I'm happy that my kids are out of school. I hate that your kids have to deal with this crap. "Shut the hell up" sounds like exactly the right thing to say.