we don't have too much time you know - any of us

Punk has been acting since before he could speak - making goofy faces, silly noises, just to see what the rest of us would do.

He's always been good at making us laugh. He's good at making most people laugh. It's why he usually plays the crazy sidekick, the wise-@$$ best friend. He knows himself - he plays to his strengths. But this year - senior year, he was asked to stepit up a notch and take on the lead role as Grandpa Martin Vanderhoff in You Can't Take It With You.

He wasn't a Disney Character. He wasn't a snarky teenager, or even a super villian. He was sweet, he was funny, and he was exactly the way I imagine Punk will grow up to be.

Of course there are hundreds of pictures, and yes, video I am not supposed to shoot, but did.

The crowd was quiet today, but here's a glimpse of Punk at 78 (and yes - there will be more)