side effects

Rico got pink eye.

Then he got a sore throat.

Then a fever.

Then a cough.

We'd all been sick at some point during the past month, so we didn't think too much of it, although the whole scenario was painfully familiar, we tried to grin and bear it - just hoping it would pass.

In addition to his neuropathic pain,  fatigue, and general malaise, it was a rough couple of weeks.

Days went by. Then a week. We're nearing two when Rico finally decides to do a bit more googling.

Two weeks ago the pain center at Mayo put him on a larger dosage of the pain med Gabapentin.

Guess what google has to say about it:

Adverse reactions observed in clinical trials include: Very common: neuropathy (check), viral infection (check). Common: pneumonia (check - though that was last go-round), respiratory infection (check), uti (no), infection (check) annnnnnnnd otis media/pink eye (check).

What the WHAT?!!

Long story short - read your med labels kids, and ask what the side effects are. Ask and then ask again. Because even when Rico went in to the clinic (not his regular doctor - just a random guy), for his pink eye, that dude did not even make the connection.

We're not sure what the next course of action will be - but here's hoping it doesn't give him ear infections and athlete's foot.


Treats said…
One of the side effects of Tylenol is headaches. Just sayin'.
j said…
For real?! I can't even keep track anymore.