No news posts, since we got home, but SOOOO much going on. Tiny's Rock party. Tiny's birthday, college shopping for Punk, Kooka's room makeover, scans for Rico tomorrow, and the front page of the newspaper - here.

We did not ask for a front page story about our kid - or her battles or anything else - I feel compelled to say this, because the article was just as much of a surprise to us as anyone.  (And weirdly, some people who talk to us often have almost seemed to avoid us in the wake of this, which of course raises my anxiety level and makes me think they think we asked for this, when in reality, the world does not revolve around what do or do not do, and it's quite possible that those people are otherwise occupied). What we did do was mention the rock party with the Minneapolis nonprofit to the people at the paper. They wanted to talk to Tiny, and in doing so, I had to explain her SM - because good lord, imagine being a young reporter and your gig is to interview a six year old - oh yeah, and let's make her mute  - super helpful.

In the process of doing so, the conversation turned a bit and the story became a bit more about the kid and her situation.

I'm not sure why I feel like I have to justify this.
Clearly I'm all about advocating, and spreading awareness.
I'm not about people thinking we utilized our kid for attention, or that we're trying to make her the literal poster child for anything at all.

We didn't post it on our own social media (though we thanked other people who mentioned it).  This is actually the first place we've mentioned it. And I'm only doing it now because of how proud and how empowered it made this kid feel. For once she was not the shy little sister of the funny actor, or the great dancer, or the daughter of the choreographer, or the cute kid who tags along to her dad's meetings. She was just Tiny, doing what Tiny does.

We are all enough.
Who you are is enough.
This week she felt it.