more help

Thanks for the input on the logo.  I've rearranged it - but haven't had time to put it up yet (class is going well, but keeps us busy).  Next question is color - Kooka likes purple, but says we could also leave it red.  Punk likes red. Rico is color blind.  Yoda licks the screen. And I am convinced taht my opinion does not matter nearly as much as the people who will keep seeing it.

What do you guys think - options on the table are: red, turquoise, purple, and possibly a very vibrant yellow.


Treats said…
How about two colors--Kooka AND Punk's colors. I would like a purple "swirly thing" and a red person. I know it's more expensive when you print business cards if you use more colors, but somehow the significance of using both of the kids colors seems worth it. I'm sure Yoda will eat whichever colors you end up printing.
The Rapp's said…
I'm always basis to green? But otherwise I think the red looks good.
RM said…
I have to agree, I like the idea of a purple swishy line and a red person. This whole operation is super exciting! Best of luck to you (form Naomi, too:).