Friday, September 16, 2011


It's been strictly madness since school started . . .

 - My new dance studio opens this week.
 - Rico started his new job teaching at the college.
 - Kooka is keeping up with 4th grade homework, dance and piano lessons.
 - Punk has joined the school news team, where he anchored the morning announcements and actually signed off today in his best Porky Pig voice -  "That's all folks."
- Yoda started ECFE classes, is doling out kisses like crazy, and can say "more" "water" "dada" "up" "woof" and "yeah, yeah yeah". My left bicep is a testament to the fact that she still hasn't figured out to walk.

I wish there was more time to write. But there is barely time to think. Yoda is a needy kid, and when she naps, it is time for homework with Punk and Kooka. By the time we climb into bed, I have hardly seen Rico and we are both exhausted.  I hope it gets better soon.


Treats said...

Maybe we can plan coffee sometime when Yoda is in high school. Don't work too hard!

The Rapp's said...

A new dance studio? Where? Sounds like a dream!! If you ever new a sub... :)

j said...

Shanna, I always need a sub - so I can go get a brown soda with ice. It's in my basement - I could just fly you in - we could do mom and me classes with Nika and Abel.

The Rapp's said...

Sounds like a plan! I do miss those trips to get a brown soda with ice. Abel's already working on his moves to impress your little lady! He's got sucking on his hands down pat!! He's working on getting his toes to his mouth next :)

Sara said...

Leo just started really walking this week! 16 months old, I thought he'd be scooting on his butt forever. I couldn't hand down any of his pants because they were all full of holes!