physical therapy

Today Yoda went to physical therapy.  She has what doctors like to call "delayed gross motor skills" and what her mother likes to call "a case of spoiled-rotten-itis".

Actually "rotten" isn't quite fair - she's a sweet kid, full of hugs, kisses and giggles.  She'll give you a bite of her cookie, wait her turn for the slide, and shares better than any other kid in her mom-n-me class.  So, I'll recant the "rotten" - but not the rest.

According to the professionals, she just has slightly low muscle tone in her quads, but is still completely in the realm of normal for her age (especially since the PT estimated she could have been born as much as 3 weeks premature). I still contend that our family's "always on the go" lifestyle, means this kid gets picked up and carried way too much.

Regardless, at the end of physical therapy today (I didn't even know it was possible to get a baby to do squats - let alone 3 reps of 5), she pulled off this astounding feat, and the whole family was there to help her celebrate:


Melanie said…
Hooray!!! Way to go Yoda!!!
Treats said…
I'd start walking for M and M's too! I'm glad she's on her way. Love Kooka's outfit.
j said…
Kooka and I just got done with dance class. She looks good in that outfit. You'll not find my spandexed self anywhere on youtube.