my new master plan

It is an often discussed theory around here.

Permanent road-tripping.

Maybe it is just because I am Percocet-tripping and watching way too many reality TV shows this week, but I find myself seriously considering this option more and more. I think I would love living in an RV. 

Rico says I would love it until we parked somewhere and it became a "trailer home".  He's partly right. First of all - no parking in Oklahoma, Kansas or Texas. Second, the whole goal is to keep moving, so parking holds little appeal to me - unless we park in Savannah, Georgia or Asheville, North Carolina, then I'd be cool for a few weeks.

Regardless, I know there would be a few downsides, but the idea of scaling down, ditching drama, and being able to go wherever we want totally trips my trigger - here's why:

1) No more watching Rico make little X's on the calendar of "days that are actually pleasant in MN". (There are more than he thinks - it's all in the attitude)
2) No more daily questions from Yoda, "What we gonna do today?  I wanna go some places!"  We'd be going places all of the time, she'd be begging to stop.
3) No more school!  Oh Hallelujah! No more SCHOOL! Don't get me wrong - we've had some great experiences, but,the constant juggling and scheduling and having to learn exactly how much money was in the bank that Jesse James attempted to rob could end tomorrow and I would be thrilled! RV life would mean more time to help our kids become who they are meant to become - more chances to explore things they would never get to see in school.
4) Never ending adventures!
5) Being together with my family all of the time.
6)Five plates to wash - and only five plates.
7) Family on all four corners on both coasts - Thanksgiving somewhere new each year!

And the cons:
1) Snakes - I am sure there would be snakes somewhere.


Treats said…
I highly recommend the RV trip. One additional con would be hooking the sewage tank up to the hole in the ground that you empty it in. We have the movie "RV" which I highly recommend watching. It is excellent. Probably even more funny while you're on pain meds. I'd love to drop it off for you to watch.

I keep telling the hubby that I get another RV trip since mine ended a day early last summer.
rylini said…
You totally deserve another trip. Your ending really sucked.