Our first spring showcase has come and gone.  As my partner likes to remind me whenever things are tough, "If we start with good intentions - and we always do, then we're following our mission and things will work out fine."

She's right - she usually is about things like this, which is one of the reasons I love having her around.  I should listen to her more often and worry less.

It was a lovely night.  Lots of excited kids. A group of teenage guys singing and dancing. Kooka performed 11 times. The singing was great, the dancing was fun - especially Yoda's class.

Especially Yoda.

True to form - she was all about the laughter.  Oh she started out with the rest of the class.  She even finished the first 24 counts with the rest of the class.  But when she realized that lifting her dress over her head and making silly faces got much more of a reaction, well - you can guess how that went down.

I don't have many pictures because I was so busy - but here are a few:
Yoda and Kooka with a pre-show hug.

Punk and the guys warming up


Treats said…
I'm glad that everything went well. Beautiful pics. Beautiful kids.