home stretch

The last day is always the worst.

We miss home, we miss our friends, we miss the dog, but there is always this sense that something monumental has slipped through our fingers, and all we have left are memories.

Hopefully they'll be enough to sustain us until the next adventure.

Our last night was spent with my good friend Sara in Detroit Lakes, MN. Yoda had a great time playing and swimming with other kids, Sara and I had a chance to catch up, and Rico and Mr. Sara had more than a few things in common as well. (Love of Korean BBQ being one of them, which is great, because I am never going again).

After several hours of driving, we are finally back home. The video is finished, but so much is left out. The laundry is piled up. The dog is over the moon excited. Things are returning to normal, whatever that means, and as always happens when we get home, I start to wonder if normal is what we really want.


Treats said…
Welcome home :)
j said…
Thanks! I brought you a chipmunk.